суббота, 19 февраля 2011 г.

From our friend: Ron L'Huillier Here is video of my training partner, Ron Ringewold as he trains for the WABDL World Cup to be held in Wisconsin Dells on April 2nd. This is his working set for the day; 440 for a double. Ron weighs about 178 lbs. in this video and competes at 181. The present WABDL World Record in this age group is 402.2. Ron hopes to break the World Record by a good margin. Ron lifts on the West Michigan Powerlifting Team out of Grand Rapids, MI. Ron also squats over 500 lbs. in single ply and benches close to 250 lbs.
Justin Miller is a 20 year old Canadian Junior training for the 2011 Canadian National Championships, March 29th 2011. 74kg (163) Drug free IPF lifter, Training B/W @ 77.5kg (170). In the videos Justin Lifts 260kg (573) x 3 and 272.5 (600) x 2 in just a belt and knee wraps. They train out of a Backyard shed heated with a wood stove in St.johns Newfoundland, Canada. Gym Members are as follows: Justin Miller, Tom Kean, Jeff Butt, Stacey Price and Stephen Price.

Rob DiGiandomenico lifted Raw at the APA Arkansas-Missouri Border Duel held February 12th in Mountain Home, Arkansas. At a bodyweight of 161lbs. Rob pulled a deadlift of 465lbs. Here is a video of Robs opening attempt of 440 and his 2nd attempt with 465lbs.
The USPA Red Brick Benchpress Championship on Feb 19 in Buffalo, NY will be live streamed.
All entry fees and proceeds from the meet will be donated to support Military Families.
Last year meet director, Dennis Brochey, donated $14,000.
Tim Schmitt of the Niagara Gazette has written a story about the meet.
Red Brick championships head downtown
We have set up a link below for you to watch the meet live:
Lifting starts at 10am.
Today's lifter of the day is Al Calsow. Super lifter at 165 who I'm sure anyone here can quote his numbers since aside from his 881 WR Squat I can't remember them. lol!
Scoliosis.. what are your experiences with it and do you feel there is any type of training that helps slow the progression or pretty much heal you and do you think if someone like Derek Poundstone(Top level strongman) can compete with two herniated discs that someone can train through and achieve great strength with the spinal issue?